Computer Science and IT

Statement of Intent

The aims of the IT and Computer Science department is to promote computational thinking and digital creativity. We want to empower all students to be confident computer users across the curriculum. The curriculum has been designed to ensure learners have sufficient knowledge to stay safe online and use computers safely in life. All learners will grow and develop into resilient learners who are able to recover from mistakes and effectively solve problems. The programme of study will give students a basis of knowledge, skills and understanding to allow students to progress onto either ICT or Computer Science at KS4.

Technology is growing in all sectors; students will be a user of at least 1 complex computer system during the working life.

We aim to equip our students with the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate a computer system but also to edit and create their own.

We wish to enable all students to find, explore and analysis information found from a range of sources. To allow them to manipulate and use the date in a useful way.

Good quality computing skills will allow students to independently and creatively access their entire curriculum and working life. It will lead to a great range of opportunities and allow them to achieve high standards. 

Other resources

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Extra-curricular opportunities

  • Robotics Club – Lunchtime


Title Date  
Key Stage 3 Curriculum Map IT Computer Science 14th Apr 2023 Download
Key Stage 4 IT Computer Science 14th Apr 2023 Download
Key stage 4 ICT Creative Media OCR Level 1 Level 2 Cambridge National 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key stage 5 Computer Science 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key stage 5 Information Technology 23rd Aug 2022 Download
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