Statement of Intent

The Geography curriculum is a huge and challenging subject that links to all subjects in a variety of ways. It affects our lives every day. Students will cover a range of skills from map reading, graphical analysis to statistical testing and drawing annotated maps. Students will engage in independent project work to group fieldwork that cover a range of scales from local to global. Each year group will cover both human and physical topics that will incorporate skills learnt and revisited. Students will acquire knowledge, understanding and empathy of a variety of issues and places. Students will be expected to be able to describe, explain, analyse, and evaluate work by the end of Year 9. This will underpin what they need to know going into key stage 4.

Students going onto key stage 4 will focus on human and physical geography that will incorporate examining the local, UK and global context. Students will undertake fieldwork in both Year 10 and 11. The Geography curriculum key stage 3-5 has been mapped out to enable the students in key stage 4 to pull on skills and knowledge gained at key stage 3.

Other resources

  • GCSE Pod
  • Revision Guides and textbooks:
  • GCSE AQA textbook - 978198366614
  • GCSE – CGP – GCSE AQA Geography - 9781782946106
  • GCSE - CGP – GCSE AQA Geography, Exam Practice Workbook - 9781782946113
  • A Level – Oxford – Human - 9780198366546
  • A Level – Oxford – Physical - 9780198366515
  • A Level – CGP – A level Geography AQA – complete revision and practice - 9781782946489


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Key stage 4 Geography GCSE 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key stage 5 Geography 23rd Aug 2022 Download
Key Stage 3 Geography 02nd Oct 2023 Download
Learning Beyond the Classroom Geography 02nd Oct 2023 Download
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