Statement of Intent

We aim to maximise participation and ensure that all of our students realise their potential.

Students will cover a full range of activities that require different demands of them. They will work as part of a team, as well as independently. There will also be opportunities for students to take on additional roles eg coach or official. Over the years, students will have the opportunities to re-visit previously taught activities with a focus on developing a higher skill level and building knowledge of tactics.

Many extra-curricular opportunities link to the activities taught with the aim that students will feel happy and confident to take their sporting experience to the next level of competition.

The practical component of Physical Education is obvious, but is not the only area students can excel in. We look to encourage students to make decisions and apply tactics to outwit opponents, evaluate self and peers’ performances to aid improvement, promote resilience and positive behaviours to strengthen their mindset and communicate effectively with peers to grow in confidence and leadership.

Throughout their time, students will engage in a fun and varied learning experience that will continue to support their physical and mental development.

Extra-curricular opportunities

  • Football, Futsal, Netball, Rugby, Cross Country, Gymnastics, Trampoline, Table Tennis, Fitness, Athletics, Tennis, Rounders and Cricket
  • Gifted & Talented Programme which includes leadership opportunities
  • Sport specific and multi-sport school trips


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